A Fearful Civil War

December 8, 1868


The Daily Dispatch takes a moment to reflect on the costly Civil War (which they clearly see is Northern aggression) in life, cost and property damage. It is clear the effects of this war will effect people for many years to come.


A FEARFUL CIVIL WAR. That we have had a fearful civil war in this country is made painfully evident by the more than one hundred thousand soldiers' graves with which the face of Virginia is ridged, and the almost equal number of widows and orphans, of broken hearts and ruined fortunes, which meet us on every hand. This war, as we all know, raged with unusual violence for nearly four years, assumed distinct and well-defined territorial boundaries, and was carried on against the United States by the old organized government of Virginia in all its departments-legislative, executive, and judicial. By the well-established laws of war, as laid down by Vattel and other writers, all the people of this State, by virtue of their residence and citizenship, without regard to their private opinions, friendship, love, or devotion to the National Government, and in spite of all wishes and prayers for the success of the national cause, became enemies of the United States, and as such enemies their property became liable to seizure and confiscation; not for treason, not for any crime or offense against the United States, but simply as enemies' property
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