The National Board of Trade

December 8, 1868


The Dispatch reports on that Richmond will be holding the next annual session of the National Board of Trade. According to the newspaper this means that Virginia is finally being seen as a part of the Union again.


The National Board of Trade. The selection of Richmond as the place for holding the next annual session of the National Board of Trade may be regarded as a declaration by that highly respectable body that they consider the war at an end, and desire to recognize Virginia as a State is truly within the Union as any other State, and entitled to all the rights of any other State. Our people will be gratified by this action, and will so receive the Board of Trade next year as to cause them to feel that our houses and our hearts are open to all who are worthy of a place in either. We are willing to meet our northern brethren as equals or as friends, but not as our superiors nor as dictators of a policy to be pursued by us for the purpose of conciliating their goodwill. The members of the National Board of Trade, whether they be Radicals or Democrats, will not hear a word while in this city to which they will take exception. They will find themselves outdone in liberality of feeling and conduct. They have manifested a most commendable spirit in selecting Richmond as a place of meeting ; and the country will be the gainer. Would that the Chesapeake and Ohio railroad were ready for the use of the delegates from the great West. Its necessity is certified by the fact that they will have to come by way of Washington city.
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