The Virginia Carpet-Baggers

December 10, 1868


The Dispatch (with a clear tone of disgust) talk about the recent activities of the Radical Republicans of Virginia. According to the paper, they are trying to show to DC that all Republican politicians in Virginia agree on the proposed new state constitution. They are doing this to help try to get the vote for the new constitution to occur as soon as possible.


The Virginia Carpet-Baggers. - "L. Edwin Dudley, chairman of Republican State Central Committee of Virginia," who is now in Washington, publishes a letter in the Washington Chronicle in favor of an election in this State at an early day. He says that nearly one hundred " prominent Republicans " [a joke] assembled recently in Richmond, and decided, with hardly a dissenting voice, that the interest of the party demanded the submission of the Constitution without division, as suggested by some who desire to secure the defeat of the disqualifying provisions contained in that instrument. " The interest of the party " ! That's a strong point with such fellows. What sort of a Congress is it that can be influenced by such a consideration ? Let Congress put these carpet-baggers to the test, and it will learn that they do not desire to pee the State restored to the Union at all unless upon condition that alt respectable people are to be excluded from office.
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