Greeley and the "Conference"

January 6, 1869


The committee of nine is to visit Washington to establish an end to violence. They want to communicate their sentiments about a peaceful transition back into the Union with universal suffrage and amnesty.


Richmond Dispatch Wednesday JANUARY 6, 1869. Greeley and the " Conference," It Is a very good sign that the "conference" recently In session here has taken a step that will count as one forward in the progress to reconstruction when Greeley, of the Tribune, urges Congress to meet the "nine " Virginians with "welcome" and " courtesy," and with a 44 patient hearing," and when, furthermore, he advises Congress to arrange matters with them upon; general and liberal principles. He takes care to strengthen his counsel with the scriptural quotation, "Agree with thine adversary quickly, while thou art in the "way with him," and to warn Congress to beware of the danger of " the enfranchisement of the blacks of Virginia through "the disfranchisement of" whites whose " sons will rise up to take their places " when they "pass off the stage" fully " imbibed," he adds, " with their passions embittered by years of proscription, yet not " themselves subject to that proscription : " who can foil," he inquires, "to see that. "our (the Radicals) defeat and prostration " is merely a question of time, and not of " long time either " This is all very wise and very consistent in Mr. Greeley, who has always contended for universal amnesty and universal suffrage. He is a man of influence amongst the Radical leaders, and what he says on this subject will reach them. Most prudently he tells them not to carry their point in this reconstruction of Virginia on mere party grounds, because that will only initiate a strife that will in time end in party defeat. From all quarters in Virginia there is a nearly unanimous concurrence in the propriety of this movement, and it has thus far been met at the North by the most kind and favorable expressions. This certainly augurs well. Each day adds to the interest felt in the result of the efforts of the committee with its magical number of " nine." If harmony comes from their diplomacy it will be all the more enjoyable by contrast with any little jarring which may be obligingly afforded by the carpers
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