The Carpet Bagger's Central Committee and the Removal of Disabilities.

January 6, 1869


People who remain in power who shouldn't be in an office position must be forced to evacuate immediately.


The Carpet Bagger's Central Committee and the Removal of Disabilities. - This is the latest deliverance of the Republican State Central Committee, showing their opposition to having anybody but themselves eligible to office under any circircumstances: Resolved , That while we, as Republicans, favor and will extend the greatest liberality to all persons for the removal of disabilities that may be consistent with the public Safety and the protection of loyalty. we have learned with regret that persons who claim to be earnest Republicans- some of whom have obtained office by the assistance of the party, and some are even members of this Association- have united with others, not members of the party, in signing petitions to the United Suites Congress asking the removal of disabilities, incurred by rebellion, from certain persons who, in contempt and defiance of the expressed provisions of the United States Constitution, continue to hold positions, and, in such positions, do violence to loyalty and justice, although disqualified by the Constitution and expressly declared by a United States court to be no officers. Resolved, That this Association specially disapprove of the signing the petitions of William F. Taylor, Esq., Auditor; John A Meredith, "Judge " ; and William Fowllces, Esq., acting as clerk of Henrico County Court. The first having manifested a bitterness rarely excelled, and still continues, by employing, at the expense of the State, the most bitter and intolerant haters of all loyal men, and in some instances employing persons who have twice and thrice held important trusts from the United States Government and then earnestly attempted to, destroy it. The second, J. A. Meredith, Is known to have been but recently charged by the Republican party and prosecuted for (as was charged) issuing fraudulent naturalization papers with the object and purpose of defeating reconstruction and loyalty in Virginia. Of Mr. Fowlkes it Is a public and notorious fact that he was several times indicted in his county court (and without having been cleared of the" charges) for improper official conduct. This Association, therefore, condemns the signing, individually by any one claiming to be Republicans, the petition of any or asking the removal of disabilities, in as much as all proper facilities will be offered by the regular Republican organization of the State. Resolved, That this Association views as dangerous and disorganizing the signing of such petitions by any one desiring the trust and confidence of Republicans. Resolved, That these resolutions be published in the Daily State Journal, of this city, and a copy be furnished the State Central committee. Passed unanimously at a regular meeting held Saturday, January 2d, 1869. George Rye.
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