A Voice from the Valley- The Winchester Times says:

January 8, 1869


It is a waste of time to fight "negro" suffrage. The real problem is creating something to defeat the Underwood constitution. Virginia must join together to prevent worse things from happening. Nothing can be worse than the Underwood constitution and that "no stone shall be left unturned to seek to its demise."


A Voice from the Valley The Winchester Times says : The political situation of Virginia is just now of profound and absorbing interest. At no time since the close of the war has our pathway been beset with so many and great difficulties as now stare us in the face. They cannot be avoided, and must be encountered. Until the present juncture, Virginia has opposed a united front against the defending terms imposed by her congressional masters, and right nobly has she maintained her integrity to principle. With the indignant scorn which virgin virtue opposes to a dishonorable proposal, she rejected the fourteenth amendment, and would not, at any price, rivet the fetters with her own hands upon her chosen leaders. And even now, if there was the slightest hope that farther opposition would avail aught in stemming the fearful torrent which has swept away the foundations of constitutional government, there would be no division of sentiment among her people. But State's rights and the Constitution of 1787 have crumbled, and upon their ruins has been erected a "popular consolidated despotism, with all power vested in Congress." This body has forced negro suffrage upon us, and do what we may we cannot avoid it. It is a fixed fact , and all argument or opposition to it on our part is sheer waste of time. It is as repugnant and odious to us as it was twelve months ago, when the Conservative Convention at Richmond declared against it ; and subsequent experience of its practical workings has only served to confirm our opinion of its evils. But it is really not an issue before us. The American people, by the election of Grant and the rejection of the members of Congrees who are identified with the negro suffrage movement, have declared that it shall prevail. The question is now beyond the control of Congress, for the Radicals are as much obliged to require it of us as we are obliged to acquiesce in it. ; It may be laid down, then, as certain that negro suffrage will be a feature in any constitution that will be submitted for our choice, and the most that we can hope is to induce Congress to submit along with the " Underwood - Bayne villainy " another constitution, with the inevitable negro equality feature in it, but without the atrocious provisions of the former. As at present advised, we are prepared to second any movement which promises the defeat of the Underwood abomination. If Congress turns a deaf ear to us and refuses us an alternative, we must go to work and defeat it at the ballot-box. Nothing worse can be devised, and no stone should be left unturned to secure its rejection. Since the above was in type, the resolutions adopted at a meeting of gentlemen in Richmond have appeared, calling a Convention for February 10th. We second the call, aud suggest a meeting of citizens of Frederick on the first day of February court.
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