The New Movement

January 20, 1869


News from a dinner party suggests that an informal agreement has taken place at Secretary Seward's house. The President as well as the delegation and the supporters of the Underwood constitution are comfortable with striking out the disenfranchising parts of the constitution.


THE NEW MOVEMENT. Virginia Reconstruction. -Secretary Seward gave a dinner party last evening, at which were present General Grant, Mr. Thornton the English Minister, the French Minister, and the members of the Virginia delegation who are here endeavoring to secure the admittance of the State on some lees objectionable basis than that imposed by the Underwood constitution. General Grant and Mr. Seward are understood to be favorable to their proportions - viz., universal amnesty for impartial suffrage. It has been informally agreed upon by the delegation and those who supported the Underwood constitution that the objectionable features of that instrument, particularly the disfranchisement clause, shall be stricken out ; so that in all probability Virginia will be admitted to representation in Congress before the close of the present session of Congress. - Washington telegram - New York Times.
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