Removal of Disqualified Officials in Virginia -Hungry Carpet Baggers at Washington

January 26, 1869


Those disqualified will have to vacate their offices in 30 days. Carpet baggers are swarming in Washington to weasel their way into positions. Some counties are appointing unqualified people just because they are eligible, and then hiring a qualified (but unqualified under the disenfranchisement) to work under them and essentially do the job.


Special Correspondence of the Baltimore Gazette Removal of Disqualified Officials in Virginia -Hungry Carpet-Baggers at Washington, January 24, 1869- The congressional joint resolution, which finally passed the Senate yesterday, requiring all officers in the States of Virginia, Mississippi, and Texas, who are disqualified under the fourteenth amendment from holding office, to be removed from office after thirty days, is denounced here by the very men who voted for it. They say that their votes were controlled by the party lash, and yet in private circles many of them violently condemn the resolution as without justification condemn the resolution as without justification and as only evincing on the part of the dominant Radicals a disgraceful thirst for every little petty office and a malignant spirit towards the people of the States names. "if the duties of these States Offices are properly discharged," said a distinguished Radical member of the House of Representatives to-day, "and the district congressmen pry into the matter of interfere." The same inquiry would be made by a large number of the more intelligent of the same party, and yet when the resolution was under consideration they dared not open their mouths to utter a word of condemnation although they admit they felt degraded in giving their support, Washington is filled with a swarm of carpet-bag vermin eagerly watching an opportunity to worm themselves into the offices of these States as soon as those now in possession are forced to vacate. In one judicial district in Virginia, where the clerk of the court died, an old man has been appointed to the office who can neither read nor write his name simply because he could qualify under the fourteenth amendment. General Stoneman, in making this appointment, required the new appointee to agree to retain the son of the old clerk as his deputy to secure a proper discharge of the responsible duties of the office. Such is the working the programme which Congress has adopted with such unanimity. Rebels shall not hold the offices, but rebels must discharge the duties appertaining thereto
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