Good News for the Darkies

May 2, 1866


In the African Methodist Episcopal Conference, a bishop reads a letter from a reverend in New Orleans that offers a deed of five million to the church.


GOOD NEWS FOR THE DARKIES- LIBERAL PROPOSITION FROM THE SOUTHERN METHODIST CHURCH. In the African Methodist Episcopal Conference today, Bishop Campbell read an extract of a letter from Rev. M. M. Clark, now in New Orleans, (one of a committee appointed by the bishops to confer with the General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church South in reference to the African churches in the South,) in which he states that the General Conference offer to the African Methodist Episcopal Church the churches, with deeds to the church property, amounting to five million dollars, and numbering two hundred and sixty thousand members, provided the members are willing for the change. This announcement was received with great demonstrations of joy on the part of every one present.
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