How the Money Goes.

May 2, 1866


Complaints on the approval of Stevens' decision to provide significant funds to the Freedmen's Bureau are expressed with a list of the items and their prices (clerks, fuel, clothing, etc.): eleven million total in expenses.


How The Money Goes. The items of appropriation of the bill introduced by Mr. Stevens in the House today for the Freedmen's Bureau for 1866 shows what an expensive elephant that animal is on the hands of Uncle Sam. The items are as follows: Salaries of assistants and sub-assistants, $147,500; clerks, $82,800; stationery and printing, 963,000; quarters and fuel, $15,900; clothing for distribution, $1,750,000; commissary stores, $4,106,250; medical department, $500,000; transportation, $1,980,000; school superintendents, $21,000.; sites for school-houses, orphan asylums, &c., $3,000,000; sundries, $18,000. Total, $11,684,450. -lb.
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