Mr. Lincoln on Carpet-Baggers

March 5, 1869


President Abraham Lincolns thoughts on Carpetbaggers.


What President Lincoln thought of political adventures known as carpet-baggers, from other States to the South, availing themselves of the abnormal state of things there to obtain the offices may he seen from the following : Executive Mansion, Washington, November 21. 1869,- Dear Sir: Dr. Kennedy, bearer of this, has some apprehension that Federal officers not citizens of Louisiana may be set up as candidates for Congress in that State. In my view, there could be no possible object to such an election. We do not particularly need members of Congress from these Suitessa to enable us to get along with legislation here. What we do want is the conclusive evidence That respectable citizens of Louisiana are willing to be members ot Congress and to swear support to the Constitution, and that other respectable citizens there are willing to vote for them and send them. To send a parcel of northern men here as representatives, elected, as would be understood, (and perhaps really so,) at the point of the bayonet, would be disgraceful and outrageous ; and were I a member of Congress here I would cast my vote against admitting any such man to a seat. " Yours, very truly, A. Lincoln.
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