Governor Wells

March 23, 1869


It is unclear as to whether or not Governor Wells is in favor of early or delayed elections? It appears that those in power are trying "to carry out their schemes to oppress them (Virginia Citizens) and make comfortable quarters for themselves (Carpet-baggers)."


Governor Wells. A correspondent of the Petersburg Time, writing from Washington represents Governor Wells as favoring early elections in Virginia. Our information ls pretty straight that he urged their postponement for twelve months. We would as soon do any other man injustice as the "gentleman from Michigan." Indeed, it is entirely unnecessary for any adversary to Injustice. The best argument against is his own record. After this paragraph was in type the Journal came to hand, showing that Governor Wells concurred with others, at Washington, in urging an early day for the elections here. These people are exceedingly active in Washington. They live in Virginia, and, with the help of the money of her people, carry out their schemes to oppress them and make comfortable quarters for themselves. We are in favor of their "early." The sooner we go through what's to come the better. Let's "know what's what and who's who."
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