Our Mutilated Soldiers.

May 2, 1866


Wounded former Confederate soldiers who are missing limbs have requested funding and artificial limbs from the Ladies of Virginia who have gladly accepted this request. The Old Dominion people see former Confederates as their heroes.


Our Mutilated Soldiers. - A "One-Legged Ex-Confederate " has forwarded to us a communication, which we gladly publish, asking the ladies of Virginia to devise some plan for supplying artificial limbs to those Virginian Confederate soldiers who lost a leg or an arm in the late war. An "Ex-Confederate " will not for one moment imagine that our ladies, in their care and devotion for the dead, are unmindful of the comfort and well-being of the living; but he will remember that our condition is not now one of affluence and abundance- that our wishes and desires are continually fettered and confined by want of money- and that the measures proposed to be taken for perpetuating the memory of our fallen soldiers can be carried out at a very small cash expense. In North Carolina, the State Government have taken upon themselves the task of furnishing artificial limbs free of cost to those soldiers of the State who have been mutilated in the war, and such a course may yet be taken by Virginia. But whether the State Government take any action or not, an " Ex-Confederate " may rest assured that the ladies of Virginia will never fail those who fought and bled for them, and that the people of the Old Dominion are now, as ever, willing to share their scanty means with any poor and deserving ex-Confederate soldier.
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