The Press on the Report of the Reconstruction Committee.

May 2, 1866


White Southerners complain that the Radicals are denying them their right to vote in the presidential election. They will not accept the Constitutional amendment without forfeiting their self-respect and sacrificing their republicanism. The South will never accept exclusion from Congressional representation or four years of serfdom for rebelling.


The Press on the Report of the Reconstruction Committee. From the New York Daily News. The revolutionists must have grown, indeed, desperate since they dare to unmask their own villainy and avow their determination to defraud several millions of American citizens of their right to express a choice in the selection of a chief magistrate. The Radicals are aware that the Southern States could never, without forfeiting self-respect and honor, consent to ratify a constitutional amendment that would deprive them of the most precious privilege that States can enjoy- a privilege, indeed, that constitutes the vital element of the essence of their republicanism. Was there ever before anything so monstrous conceived in political history: and is it possible that our boasted republicanism is to be shamed by furnishing the example? It seems incredible that in this day and clime of enlightenment and professed freedom, a faction should attempt to change the organic law of the Republic for the purpose of carrying a Presidential election. Yet, so it is. The Radicals absolutely dare to tamper with the groundwork of the Government; actually propose to amend the Federal Constitution to strengthen their partisan position in the next Presidential contest.
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