The Election

April 17, 1869


The election in Virginia will take place on May 27. It will be a long awaited relief to have Virginia's fate settled. Whatever the outcome, it will surely "be better than the misery of doubt and apprehension."


The Election. According to the telegram on the subject, it seems to be settled that the election in this State is to take place on the 27th May. So there is but little time to prepare for it. However, the questions involved are simple, the duty of the people plain, and we do not see how longer time can be necessary to understand the former or to be fully impressed with the latter. On the other hand it will be a relief to have the long agony over and our fate settled. If it is to be Wells, proscriptions, disabilities, the profligate waste of the public means, and the destruction of the material interests of the State, let us know it. That will be better than the misery of doubt and apprehension. If, happily, we are to be relieved of disabilities, to have a reliable government of trustworthy men, and the restoration of order, industry, and enterprise, why all will say the sooner that comes to us the better. We hail, then, an early election as a blessing, and every man in the Commonwealth should be ready to do his duty on the day that it comes off. Some persons have objected to the day designated for the meeting of the Conservative Convention as too early. As it turns out now, it was most fortunate that the city members of the Executive Committee acted so promptly. The election will occur only a month (less one day) from the day of the meeting of the Convention. We hope there will be a full attendance, and that every man will come prepared to deliberate calmly upon the situation, and to decide upon the facts and circumstances, free from prejudice and passion, with an eye single to the welfare of the State.
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