The African Methodists.

May 3, 1866


Black Methodists declare that they aren't being welcomed by the white body of the Northern Methodist church. This white church is embodying principles of hate and prejudice which drove blacks away fifty years ago.


The African Methodists. Those who regard the Northern Methodist Church as peculiarly a negro-loving denomination will be surprised to learn that the African Methodists declare officially as follows : "Resolved, That we have received no intimation from any body of the Methodist family which leads us to suppose that they wish us to unite with them but by the sacrifice of our manhood, our ecclesiastical status, and otherwise to degrade ourselves, and this is evinced by the formation of several conferences by the Methodist Episcopal Church, whose ostensible object is to foster the same old principle of prejudice and hate which drove us, fifty years ago, from their Church." These Northern Methodists are a consistent set. "While traducing Southern Methodists, they are as far from recognizing negroes as equals as the latter Church. Out upon such hypocrisy!
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