Hollywood Memorial Association of the Ladies of Richmond.

May 4, 1866


Women of Richmond meet to discuss the objections of their organization's intentions to collect funds for purchasing and organizing the graves of dead Confederate soldiers.


Hollywood Memorial Association of the Ladies of Richmond, Va. By Mrs. Dr. Barney: 2. Resolved That the objects of the said Society shall be to collect funds to be applied in enclosing, arranging, re-turfing, and otherwise placing in order, the graves of the Confederate dead interred at Hollywood Cemetery, so that the names of our fallen soldiers may be permanently preserved from oblivion, and their last resting places saved from the slightest appearance of neglect or want of care. By Mrs. Benjamin Smith: 3. Resolved, that all persons who may make donations for the purpose of carrying out the objects of the said Society, shall be considered members of the Society, and that their names be recorded in a book to be kept by the Secretary for that purpose.
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