Prospecting in Virginia

May 18, 1869


Northerners are coming to Virginia for economic opportunites. Many of them are investing manufacturing and infrastructure.


Prospecting in Virginia. The number of northerners who have been recently prospecting in Virginia is much greater than at any time since 1S65. The investments made by them are not large, but they have declared themselves generally as much pleased with the advantages of the State, and the larger portion of them say that as soon as the political condition of the State is settled they will come down and make investments. They cannot undertake to embark in manufacturing enterprises and the purchase of land until they have some assurance that the government will be placed in trustworthy hands and the State is restored to the Union. Assuredly the strong declarations of these visitors from the North are not merely empty boastings. They come a long distance, make patient investigations, and show a deep interest in what they see. They would not go through all this merely to play a little trick. They come in good earnest, and but a few of them mean to play off a deception in a manner which can secure no gratification to them and will make little impression upon the people of Virginia. These visitors are in earnest, and when the condition of the State is such as to command their confidence, it will be seen that they are. The latest of these visitors are a party of gentlemen, at the head of whom stands Mr. Heister Clymbr, of Pennsylvania, Democratic candidate for Governor in 1868. They departed yesterday morning for the Valley, and will leisurely pursue their way to the Kanawha coal-fluids, making a careful examination as they go. Their attention will be especially directed to tho Chesapeake and Ohio route, whose eligibility and prospects have a direct bearing upon the question of the plans they have in view. They will return to Richmond after completing their journey westward, and will here give such farther consideration to the objects of their visit as may be desirable. This very intelligent and wealthy body of gentlemen, amongst whom are some manufacturers of iron of extensive means and great experience, have taken the true route to ascertain the character of our miueral resources and manufacturing advantages, and we cannot doubt that their explorations will result very favorably to Virginia. By a grand effort and a triumph over the barbarous demugoguism of carpet-baggery we can soon dissipate the apprehensions of men such as these we now allude to, and they will come freely and make investments and enter upon such enterprises as will greatly increase the wealth and population of the State.
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