"The Constiution"

May 18, 1869


The Constitution has been published to the public. The editor believes it is imperative to pass the Constitution and vote against the disenfranchising and disqualifying clauses.


The Constitution. We publish In a supplement to this morning's Dispatch the constitution soon to be submitted to the vote of the people. The disfranchising and disqualifying clauses, which are "to be submitted to a separate vote, are printed In capital letters. The reader will now be enabled to see the constitution with all its objectionable and commendable features and form his opinions upon them. We believe, however, that the great body of the people have made up their minds that we have to take the constitution, either expurgated or entire, as framed by the Convention. Of course no man should hesitate as to which is to be preferred. With trustworthy State officers and a conservative Legislature we can make the constitution answer. Its worst feature may be softened in operation, and the facility of amendment, with an enfranchised white population to work upon it, leaves us no room for despondency, and should inspire hope in every mind. Extra copies of the constitution will be sold at $2 per hundred at the counter of the Dispatch counting-room.
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