May 20, 1869


White "Carpetbaggers" are migrating south for economic opportunity. This influx of labor is forcing black Virginians to migrate southwards for their own economic well-being.


A Government officer stationed at Richmond, Va., writes here that negro Labor is at a discount in that portion of Virginia The extensive sales of land in small portions to white immigrants, who are cultivating the land themselves, renders it necessary for colored laborers to go further South in order to seek employment.. Over three hundred colored people have gone South by rail from Virginia in the last month. Indications are that the number during the present month will be greatly in excess of last month-Washington telegram- New York Tribune. The report from Richmond about a developing tendency of negro emigration ; southward may be premature or exaggerated. But, the influence of the recent white settlers on small parcels of land in that State cannot be mistaken. The negroes must either prepare, to secure similar tracts of land for themselves or go further South. The system of cultivating great plantations by large gangs of hired negroes is approaching its end in Virginia. Small farms, labor ' by the owners of the soil, improved tillage, and consequent prosperity, are the future of the Old Dominion. The negroes there who are capable of taking their place in this movement will share this future. The rest of them are likely to tend southwards.--Editorial-- New York Tribune [The negroes are good laborers, but better , stealers--that's the trouble. If negroes were honest, land around Richmond would sell for twice as much as it. does now.]
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