Negro Candidates

May 26, 1869


Fourteen black men are running as Candidates in the upcoming election. White Virginians oppose these candidates desire to do so.


The rush among the negroes for nominations for the Legislature is very large. We understand that there are fourteen who declare that they will run for the position. Among these we hear of Lewis Lindsey, Cornelius Harris, Rey.Mr. Troy, "Signor" Bowe, Landon Boyd, Joe Cox, and William Lester. Among the whites who propose to run are --Gale, "Parrelmintiary " Morrissey, and "Dr." Sterling; but they will have hard work in quieting the demands of the unterrilied " free and equal." The report in regard to Lewis Lindsey is just as true as the one that he will run for the State senatorship from the county, and neither of them are false insomuch as his endeavor to get the nomination is concerned. Lewis is a shrewd demagogue, and has his triggers set both in the county and city, and he will in all probability get a nomination from one place or the other. Lewis played a pretty good trick on Monday evening. He called a meeting for the benefit of Joe Holmes's widow. But with the exception of an incendiary tirade upon the subject of assassination, there wabut little to remind one that there was a widow in the case. Lewis gave another review of the Cotfeegenians, who would always alight before they would die. " An, yes, an when the Romaus was contendin of the matter of sendin these Cotfeegenians into an interior town, and they wouldn't go, and the women cut off that hair to make bow-strings; yes, in I'll tell you Lindsey I'll suffer his hair to he cut off, too,before I'll suffer my rights to be cegnored. Yes, an I'll tell you, speakin in regards of this thing of mv takin off my hat to a white man, I ain't gwine take off my hat to Mr. Zetelle nor no wether man."
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