A Part of the Game

June 1, 1869


White Virginians are upset because at the Colored Convention, Radicals convinced freedmen attending to vote for them on the basis of education opportunities. White Virginians claim this is an unfair and untrue statement; that they will provide education too.


A Part of the Game. The convocation of colored people in this ; city last week had no other purpose than to compact the negro vote for Wells. It was not a thing suggested by the colored, mind. It came from the white deceivers, who have by a conspiracy of circumstances gotten the car and confidence of the negro preachers and furious declaimers after the Lindsey stamp; and who have thus established a negro slavery far more degrading than that which has just been abolished. It is a slavery of the mind--a slavery so abject that it forces the poor blacks into the grossest wrongs of their best friends, to whom they must look for employment and support, and that for no better purpose than to give place and profit to a body of white men ; who are warring against their own people., and who have no means of sustaining the poor, deluded creatures whom they are, duping so basely and cruelly. The resolutions of the convention aforesaid were, we have good reason to believe, framed or suggested bv the base men who are so seriously disturbing the State by a conflict of races. One of those resolutions declared the obligations of the blacks to the ; people of the North for their many kindnesses, and especially for their benevolence in " providing the means" for the education of colored children, adding : "But we deplore that there should have i] "been any necessity for these charitable ''people to furnish us with the means of "education for the reason that it should "have been willingly furnished by the State "or people of Virginia, as we are citizens, "and taxed to defray the expenses of " schools and other public institutions" Now, here is most assuredly the cunning of the leader--the great head of deviltry, political and social, in Virginia. The people of Virginia are cunningly accused for not having raised money to educate these black children, when all know that they have not the money to educate their own! They are accused of not doing this when they have had no Legislature and no power to do anything when their own people have been excluded from every single office of any consideration whatever, and when for months they have had no evil government! Furthermore, they are arraigned, in the face of all these disabilities, for not educating these black urchins, when the blacks are citizens and pay taxes! Here is rare impudence. We venture to say that in the history of the world no part of a constiution entitled to equal rights with all ever fell so ridiculously short of their duty as tax-payers ever so nearly devoid of all in claim upon the state on the ground that they were tax-payers. But they claim to have not only paid taxes, to have paid them "to defray the expanses of schools and oilier public institutions!"
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