The Divison into Classes

June 19, 1869


The "Carpetbaggers" have caused division in the south. These Northerners and Wellsitezs bring evil throughout Virginia.


The Division into Classes. Carpet-baggery and scalawagery, led by Wells are asserting that the whites are responsible for the political division of society in the State upon a line of color. Not to go back to a few months after the war, when the fanatics, scapegraces, and plunderers took-the negroes into nightly conclaves, and taught them to hate the whites,let us come down to the more recent period when the negro Convention Prompted and directed by the plundering white adventurers and the more contemptible native white knaves--set on foot the scheme of ostracising the white people of Virginia--that scheme which is now persistently pressed by the followers of Wells, whose tickets, State and local, are all nominated upon the platform of adherence to the policy of shackling and disabling the whites, and which tickets are placed prominently in the Radical organs, and supported by them, notwithstanding that they, like Wells, declare they are against the test-oath. [They, too, being pressed, have passed the money-filled wallet to the followers, but will divide its contents after the fight?i, e.. If they triumph.] Of course it is very censurable in these, whites not to go over to the motley alliance. which is thus making war upon them and striving to put them down under the heel of a barbarous tyranny. Of course they divide the races by not doing so, and are to blame. They are bad fellows. And they are further to blame for treasuring up a recollection of the remark of the pure and just man Wells, that they and their fathers are not to be trusted on oath; that their sworn statements and pledge- are mere paper pellets, and worth nothing. They are wrong for all this. They should neither have sensibility, resentment, courage, love of country, nor even decency. They should herd with and wallow with the pestiferous and unclean army of assailants whose work, day in and day out, is to deprive them of all rights, and to degrade them to the low level of those who thus conspire for their destruction !
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