Chinese Immigrants

June 23, 1869


The Dispatch is scared that people will start demanding voting rights for the Chinese Immigrants. The Dispatch strongly believes the U.S. is its strongest when only white male are governing the country. They point to the diversity in Spain and South Africa as a complete failure..


Chinese Immigrants. The arrival 0f twelve thousand Chinese at San Francisco last Friday is subject of comment. There are already some one hundred thousand of these people in California; and when we consider the strong temptations there are in in the great central plains,--the silver and gold mines-- it will not be extravagant to anticipate that they will reach a million or two in ten years or so. What shall we do with them? is the great question One thing is certain, and that is that an army of plundering demagogues will then demand " that they shall have the ballot for their protection !" This country ought to be able to take care of itself; but it has produced more than its share of demagogues, and these are the destructives, who, like the white ants of Africa, never fail to destroy everything they attack. They will eat out the Government temple so that, while it seems from without to be intact and strong, a little wind or any pressure brought against it shows that throughout it is honeycombed-- a mere shell--and it drops away into dust. The South American Governments show the disasters that are inherent, in a country whose political constituent body is a motley of races. Had Spain enjoyed the means of transportation that exist now, she might have translated to her provinces enough of the Castilian blood to have put a check upon the ravages of the inferior and mongrel races. But before she could accomplish that, the wild anarchy of an incongruous population swept away the feeble forces she had been able to maintain, and erected in place of the Spanish authority what has been but misrule, with all the discontent, the outrages, and revolutions, which such sway amongst such a people can be expected to engender. This country is boastful and self-sufficient. but, great- and powerful as it is, it may well be warned against degrading the constituent body. Let it be remembered that as you degrade the constituent, you impair the dignity and honesty of the representative body. Should we not be satisfied with the progress Congress has already made in this direction ? If, with the rule confined to the white races, crossed and improved, as it is said, by the immigration of people from all the civilized nations, we cannot preserve an honest and circumspect national legislature, what are we to expect when the representative body is submitted to the influence of the admixture of immense masses of the inferior races ? Two consolations we have, and they are : first--So large is the population of the true Caucasian race in the United States that the inferior types will not likely, at any time, get the control of the country. And second-- That when demagogues have used these types of men to the extreme of public. disorder and peril, then the military men will intervene, and rescue the country from their misrule. The military men have always had that part to perform. They do not appear on the theatre until the scurvy politicians have made them a necessity and paved the way for them ; but upon a plain, natural law they are at hand when they are wanted. They come as a mercy sent by Providence, to relieve suffering peoples from the selfish and senseless tyranny of sordid and brutalized partisans.
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