Two Weeks

June 23, 1869


The election for Governor is occurring in two weeks. If Walker wins, Virginia will prosper, and Walker will "clear the desert of distress and poverty."Contrastingly if Wells wins, Virginia may suffer "prolongation indefinitely of despondency."


Two Weeks----from yesterday the election which is to decide the condition of this State for a long time will take place. Is every man ready for it? He had better be than censure himself for the balance of his life for not taking part in so great a struggle. If the side of intelligence, integrity, experience, and reliability triumphs we shall have a restored public confidence, faith and prudence in the public administration, and contentment and prosperity all over the land. The farmer, whose vocation is the cornerstone of social life and human enterprises of all kinds, will be encouraged to pursue his calling with increased energy--be will be rewarded with quick sales and good prices--he will be able to pay good wages promptly; and the laborer will be comfortable, and put in the way of saving, to secure property and independence for himself. Immigration will be invited by a well-established civil authority entrusted to the wisdom and experience of the State. The spare farms, mineral lands, and waterpower, will meet with ready sale, and population and capital will flow rapidly into the state. Thus started vigorously on her new career. Virginia will soon clear the desert of distress and poverty, and become in a short period richer and more prosperous than ever. This will, besides being the end of embarrassment, be the termination of the disgusting and outrageous campaigning to defeat a party composed of the uninformed and deluded colored people under the lead of a small body of depraved and greedy white men. whose object is office and the spoils of the public treasury. It will be the end of the war of races and the end of the rascally game of these whites. It will be the end of social war and the beginning of peace and harmony. These are the grand results that we are fighting for ! On the other hand, should the proscriptives, under Wells, triumph. There will be a prolongation indefinitely of despondency among the people and, prostration to every interest in the .State. There will be no confidence in the Government, and none in the future. The insolence of office will be as marked as the incompetencey and unreliability of officials. The vindictive man who will hold the office of Governor will lose no opportunity to harass those who opposed him. Bound by obligations he cannot ignore to the ignorant part of the population, he will be forced to admit them like a flood into the State and carry black equality into all public institutions. Poor Virginia may mourn like Rachel in her woe, on her children's account, and refuse to be comforted. For then will rush upon us all a flood of evils such as no people ever were compelled to suffer! The picture is too horrible to look upon. The bare thought of it should start every Virginian to his feet and make him swear by all that's holy that if such a fate falls upon Virginia it shall be from no failure on his part to discharge his duty as a man and citizen.
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