June 24, 1869


Whites are starting to solely hire whites to work for them because blacks are being so hostile towards white Virginians.


"White." --Never before did the Richmond papers put forth so many inquiries for white house-servants--chambermaids, cooks, &c. "Why is this? We have been used to the colored servants--our people have no prejudices against them--have always been kind to them--understand their manner of work and their dispositions? and can get along with them remarkably well. Then, what's the matter ? We'll tell you: This city has been kept in turmoil for four solid years with every sort of sign and clamor of negro combination and preparation in hostility to white people. For that is it! a hostility which seeks to take away from whites all right to hold an office of trust and profit in the Government, and to make them tax-payers only, while the negroes and the few whites whose counsels they follow shall hold all the offices, and divide the spoils accumulated out of the taxes paid by the ostracised whites. This is a hostility so serious and so injurious that it could hardly be more abhorrent if it threatened life itself. The assailants are obtrusive and clamorous. Their barbarous shouts penetrate every dwelling and disgust or alarm every white person in the city. This is engendering aversion to the colored people : a disposition to employ whites with many people. It is gradually widening the breach between the races, and it is no wonder. The blacks are to blame. What does their war on their own white people profit them ? What will the plundering adventurers who mislead them do for them ? What will compensate them for the wanton sacrifice of the kind and gentle relations which existed between them and the native whites of Virginia, who own the land and control the employment of labor in Virginia? Their war is outrageously unjust and brutal, and so far from being necessary to their security and happiness must work injuriously to the prosperity, order, and contentment, of the community; and they cannot be happy or thrifty unless the whole people are harmonious and prosperous.
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