Proscription and "Intimidation."

June 27, 1869


People have the right to refuse to hire someone based on who they vote for, but they do not have the right to physically threaten somebody based on their ticket.


Proscription and "Intimidation." Somebody has made an effort to explain for General Canby what is meant by " Intimidation" We learn from the Leesburg (Loudoun) Mirror that Mr. Abner C. Trundle, of that town, has been held to bail in the sum of $2,000 to answer the charge of "having discharged from his employment three negroes because of their intention to vote the Radical ticket." The bail is pretty respectable ; quite so when compared with that exacted a few days since of persons who were charged with concocting plans to burn down the houses of citizens of Charlotte. But a man's vote may be more important than the house that shelters his family or the lives of his wife and children ! Mr. Trundle "is a case"; until after the election, when there will probably be no further use for him. We would not threaten these poor negroes. They know not what they do. But nevertheless the man who says that it is either unreasonable or unjust for a white Virginian to refuse to employ a negro who is trying to deprive him of all right to take part in his own government, is a knave, and says what he knows to be untrue. The idea that a man shall not have the right to shut his gates upon one who seeks to deprive him of that which is as dear as life to the true man, is monstrous. It is an idea that cannot be accepted or acquiesced in anywhere. Still no man ought to threaten. He has the same right over his own estate that the Government itself has over its offices, and may turn away anybody from it without a why or wherefore. We take occasion to suggest again to the constituted authorities that the Radical "leagues" are established in this State for "intimidation" -- violent "intimidation." In the business of promoting independence amongst freedmen, the best thing the authorities can do is to look into those leagues and "reconstruct them."
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