June 29, 1869


The white Virginians think that the Radicals effort to coerce blacks to vote for Wells is desperate and ineffective .


Washington, June 27, 1869 The Radicals are mustering their great men to prevent defeat in Virginia- as if that could help them--and the idea is to force the colored voters all to vote the Well's ticket. They are not so sanguine as certain of their adherents in this section claimed to be several weeks ago, and now intend to muster as much talent as they can obtain to help their cause. The colored people must be made to vote for Wells or the ticket is lost, and these parties intend, if they possibly can succeed in doing so, to force the entire colored population of colored voters to come to their support. How will they succeed ? The cause looks desperate when a demand is made upon the North for a number of stump orators to bolster up the cause. The conservative Republicanism which is cropping out finely in Mississippi is beginning to alarm the leading Radical politicians. There can be but one Republican party is their theory ; but that the masses think differently is very evident. Let the conservative men of all parties roll up a handsome majority for Walker in Virginia, and not only will the result prove healthy to the Old Dominion, but it will reach the other States of the South, as well as those in the North and West where elections will soon transpire, and the people of the whole country will realize a part of the benefits. The next, public debt statement, which will be issued on the 1st of July, will not show so flattering a reduction of the debt as those of the past two or three months, because of the heavy disbursements, principally for the War Department, and the falling off in internal revenue receipts which occurred during the present month. It may be doubted that the reduction will be over $4,000,000. The currency balance in the Treasury is still very heavy--nearly $29,000,000. The reports from the national banks of Virginia have all been received at the office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and the general abstract will be ready for publication probably during the present week. The Cuban sympathisers here arc in high spirits at recent reports from New York and Havana, privately received, and they will doubtless make a direct appeal to the President for recognition before very long. Timon
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