Departure of Troops

January 6, 1866


Federal troops withdraw from the city of Richmond as the city returns to normalcy.


The second battalion of the Twelfth regiment United States infantry, under command of Captain Jackson, marched down Main street yesterday morning to Rocketts, where they embarked for Fortress Monroe, to relieve the Eleventh Main, who go home to be mustered out of service. The battalion was accompanies by a fine band of twenty-nine pieces, headed by a drum major, earring a huge bearskin cap and red plume of enormous length. The escort was composed to three other companies of the regiment, and accompanied by several gaily-dressed field officers. These companies subsequently marched back to their quarters, at Camp Winder. The Twelfth is commanded by Colonel Anderson, and is probably one of the best disciplined regiments in service. The Twenty-fourth Massachusetts regiment, which has been quartered for some time past as Howard's Grove, will leave this morning for Norfolk, to relieve the Twentieth New York, which, we understand, goes to Petersburg.
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