The New National Bank of Virginia Building.

May 7, 1866


After being destroyed in a fire in 1865, a new bank is constructed as well as many new stores that line the streets of Richmond. The city's infrastructure is making improvements after war damages.


The New National Bank of Virginia Building- The terrible and disastrous fire of April, 1860, great as was the ruin and misfortune which it caused, has not; been without its compensating advantages ; and Richmond now possesses a degree of architectural beauty which she might not have enjoyed for half a century to come, but that the energies of her people, palsied by the vicissitudes of war, were called into new life by the sad ravages of that conflagration which reduced a great portion of, this city to a heap of smoldering ruins. New stores have been built on every side, all the improvements of the day have been called into active requisition, the use of iron girders, columns, and friezes, has become general, and among the handsomest of the new buildings which have been erected in our midst is that which will be opened for business this morning by the National Bank of Virginia, at the corner of Main and Eleventh streets.
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