Virginia Affairs

July 28, 1869


Wells supporters are pleased by Walker. Also, some army and navy officers were paying taxes they were not required to, and this is demonstrates the corruption that exists throughout the government.


Virginia Affairs- Radicals letting Down-- Income Tax of Government officials-- Washington, July 26.-- Governor Wells of Virginia, requests a denial of the statement that he is exerting himself to procure the rejection of the fifteenth amendment in that State. A movement is developing itself in Virginia, having for its object a reconciliation between the two leading factions of the Republican party in that State, many of the Radicals who supported Wells have expressed themselves satisfied with the sentiments contained in the speeches of Governor-elect Walker. The attention of the Government has been called to an evident blunder in the system if collecting income taxes from Government employees, both in the civil and military service. by which the latter have undoubtedly paid into the treasury at least twenty million dollars since the passage of the income tax act more than they are legally required to do by the revenue laws. It is explained that the blunder is occasioned by deducting the income tax from army and navy officers and civil employes at the time of the payment of their monthly salaries, without giving them the opportunities which other income tax pavers have of making deductions for house rent, losses in business. It is further claimed that the system is wrong, because, as has frequently happened this year. Government employes discharged before completing a year's work and before receiving the 81,000 exempted by law, are unable to obtain employment for the remainder of the year; they have nevertheless paid the pro rata monthly tax, when in fact they are not, under the law, required to pay any tax whatever. It is also claimed that monthly collections of taxes are not authorized by the law, which provides for regular assessments by duly appointed assessors.
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