Governor Walker

August 23, 1869


If the Iron-Clad oath is enforced and Conservative legistlators are forced to resign, Governor Walker will not resign. He will continue to represent Virginia.


Governor Walker. A Washington letter-writer predicts that if General Canby insists on forcing the testoath upon Virginia Governor Walker will urge upon those Conservative legislators who cannot take the oath to resign, and then resign himself. This is a canard, and a very stupid one. There will he no suicides here as in Utica. How much would the writer and the parties he represents give for Governor Walker's resignation? Thcv could.not buy it if they had each a Stewart's wealth. Governor Walker will stand his ground manfully and faithfully. Governor Walker is all right. He has only to bide his time. He is a Governor, and Governor of a noble State, elected in entire conformity to law by legally authosized voters. He cannot be kept out of his rights. War is dead, and nothing but the arbitrary authority of war or imperialism can deny him and his State the solemn right of his inauguration and authority as Governor of the State of Virginia ! Aye, every inch a Governor, and every rood a State possessed of honor, virtue, and renown, that ranks her amongst States that are great. Governor Walker has risen to a higher place in the esteem and respect of those who knew him since his election than before. He has evinced the true attributes of a Governor in his remarkable prudence and forecast. No man could have passed through such trials and temptations as those to which he has been exposed with more credit to himself. He honors the position to which he has been elevated. It is a fortunate event that has brought forward such a man for the exigency in which the State is placed. He was the man to bridge over the gap between the past and the future and maintain the dignity and order indispensable in such a revolution to the safety and peace of the State. Not only have we such a man for Governor, but we have new men, and mostly young men, for the legislative department: men who can readily adapt themselves to the new dispensation, and who will not stop to moralize and lament, but will go to work to pull the State out of the slough, and replace apathy, decay, and despair, with energy, improvement, and hope, The people of Virginia, under the privilege accorded to them by the Federal Government, have not only elected this Governor and these legislators, but they have rejected forever iron-clad oaths and disenfranchisement, and rallied heartily and unanimously under the Federal Union. The event has been gratifying to the whole nation--it has inspired so much concord and happiness that any repression of the feeling it has caused to pulsate in every honest and generous breast would be a shock to the nation. Woe to those who cause that shock ! No. Governor Walker has no more idea of resigning than has the Blue Ridge of making a journey to the Suez canal, to be present at the opening thereof! So let the little Jemmy Twitchers who are waiting opportunity to pilfer the kitchens and gardens of the State at once abandon any hope of that sort. On the contrary, the evident will of this nation and the indubitable right of Virginia will triumph in the organization of the Virginia government!
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