The Situation

August 26, 1869


Member of Washington have been scheming. They are delaying reconstruction in Virginia to annoy Virginians-- thinking this delay would cause Virginians to have "indiscretations that would set the Administration firmly against us." Virginians have stayed true to their moral code, and now we need the government to do their part: reconstruction.


The Situation. Rumors of scheming, and plotting, and what has been determined upon at Washington, continue to fly about with every breeze. The people of Virginia have grown weary enough with them, but have learned to repose no great faith in them. The delay in the consummation of the reconstruction of Virginia is only giving time to the cormorants who have been quartered upon this State to invent schemes for the purpose of perpetuating their hold upon the Treasury. They have been both bold and adroit. The plan has been to keep General Grant in a perpetual fret, and to annoy us at the same time by impudent assertions and demnnds in order to drive us to extreme irritation and desperation, and thus to betray us into indiscretions that would set the Administration firmly against us. The game has failed save to such a partial extent as to be of no effect. The people have been smartly discouraged and somewhat chafed, but they have kept their temper, and mean to do so. The people of Virginia will stand faithfully to their position of sustaining General Grant's policy and General Grant's administration if he will allow them to do so--i. e., if he will take the action of those people as sincere, and complete what remains incomplete. The people have gone as far as they can go. It is for the Government to finish the work. If General Grant does it he has Virginia, truly and sincerely. There is no truth in any statement which makes a different representation from this.
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