Congressional Proceedings.

May 11, 1866


Congress resumes consideration of rallying Republicans together to oppose the possibility of the third section being stricken out. Without this part of the amendment, voting rights for former Confederate supporters will not be taken away.


The Senate passed the House bill allowing Vice Admiral Farragut to employ a secretary, with the rank and pay of a lieutenant. Also, passed House bill authorizing the coinage of five-cent pieces. The joint resolution relative to the adoption of means for preventing the introduction of cholera was discussed during the morning hour, after which the Post-Office Appropriation bill was considered, the question being on the amendment of Mr. Trumbull restricting the appointing power of the President. No vote was reached. House. - The House resumed the consideration of the report of the Committee of Reconstruction. Some of the Radicals had opposed the third section, disfranchising till 1867 all persons who had voluntarily adhered to the late insurrection, and if an opportunity had been afforded would have voted to strike it out, but Mr. Stevens rallied the Republican forces in a bitter speech against the leaders of secession, and thus united his forces in a solid body for the proposed amendment to the Constitution. The vote resulted - yeas, 128; nays, 37. Applause followed the announcement of the result from the radical element in the galleries and on the floor. The amendment now goes to the Senate for its action. The House adjourned till Monday.
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