Election Frauds inVirginia-- Virginia Senatorships--- Stearns and Pendleton--- National Banking Act.

October 16, 1869


General Canby has found there was no findings of election Fraud. Franklin Stearns and John S. Pentleton are both presented as candidates for Senator.


General Caby has completed his investigation of the alleged election frauds in Virginia, and it is stated that his report will show that the accausation of fraud is altogether unfounded. It is surmised that if the Virginia Legislature will only elect senators who can take the iron-clad oath there will, in view of General Canby's report, be no further opposition to the admission of the State. The two names most prominently mentioned by Virginians now in connection with the United States senatorship are Franklin Sterns and John S. Pendleton. It seems to be generally conceded that the Legislature will refuse to elect any man not ana ctual resident of the State. Both the gentleman named can, it is said, take the iron-clad oath, and it is believed they would be acceptable to a majority of the people of Virginia. Mr. Pendleton was formerly a member of Congress. The friends of Gene ral Williams are hard at work, and among them Colonel Robert Douglas, one of the President's secretaries, and they claim that his chances are improving. General Williars is a nephew of Mr. Pendleton. It is believed that at the next session of Congress the national banking act will receive a thorough overhauling, and that greater restrictions will be imposed upon the banks. Some of them, especially in the large cities, are known to have violated the act of Congress to such an extent as to war rant the Secretary of the Treasury in taking away their charters. No action, however, will be taken until Congress meets, when the whole question will be opened up by petitions from merchants and others who have suffered from the conduct of the banks in using their funds for speculative purposes John S. Pendleton has been dead a year. How little these Washington correspondents know of Virginia. General Williams's prospects are by no means bad. If the President's private secretary is working for him, his election certainly would be pleasing to General Grant, whose first choice (Dr. Sharpe) is entirely out of the question.
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