Senatorial Election

October 18, 1869


The question of who the next Senators will be has not been answered. The Dispatch gives the names of a few men who they have labeled as formidable candidates.


Who will be the Senators? is a question involved in as much uncertainty now as it was a month ago, although during that time the field has been greatly narrowed by the spread of the opinion, now generally accepted, that the gentlemen chosen must not only be men of recognized ability, and true in Virginia and the party successful on the 6th of July, but must have the additional qualification of being ready, unchallenged, to take their seats in the senate chamber the very moment the constitution of reconstrutted Virginia is approved by Congress. This being the case, all hopes of sending the men whose names in former times would first come into our minds at the mention of the Senate are at an end. Stuart, Daniel, Barbour, Baldwin, Flournoy, Sutherlin, Joynes, Robertson, Ould, Hunter, and others of that ilk, whose reputation is national, and whose occupancy of the high station would remind us of Virginia's greatness and glory--these are all out of the question. Still, our lot is not so hard as had been urged. The emergency has called forth the names of a score of good men and true, who, while they have not sympathized with us always in the past, are now enlisted heart and soul in the work of reconstruction, and whose election would be in accordance with the policy of the Walker party. The work of laying before our readers sketches of these estimable gentleman-- the leading candidate--is not so light as might be supposed. Few of them have hitherto been prominent in the councils of the State or of the nation. Not one of them has, to our knowledge, been honored by an interview w ith a New York leporter, and we have searched biographical dictionaries and encyclopedias in vain to find either of the names upon our memoranda. This notwithstanding the fact that we have among them a couple ot generals of the army, a party organizer, a railroad president, a judge, an editor or two, a lieutenant-gov-ernor, and a member of Cougress elect.
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