New case Of The Capital- Removal Question.

November 17, 1869


The qustion of rather or not the Capitol will be moved back into Virginia is discussed.


A dispatch in the New York Herald of Sunday, from Washington, says : "the question of constitutionality of the retrocession of Alexandria in 1846 to the State of Virginia is likely to come up shortly after the meeting of Congress in a method very little expected, and should it be settled against the Old Dominion, the question of the removal of the capital will also be involved in such a way as to give a quietness to the removers. It is said that a program has been arranged to resist the admission of McKenzie, the lately elected member of Congress from Alexandria, on the ground that he Is not a constitutionally elected representative. The members who have arranged this plan will argue that Congress had no right in 1846 to dismember the District of Columbia by the retrocession of Alexandria:that the intention of the Constitution was that the territory for the locasion of the capital once having been fixed and accepted by Congress, not a foot of it could subsequently be parted with without an amendment of the Constitution. If Conguess, on having this point precipitated upon them, should decide to deny McKenzie his seat, it will be something of a point gained for the people of the District who oppose removal!" [If this be McKenzie's only difficulty, he will soon be in Congress in Congress.]
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