A New Principle in the Radical Creed- The Next Presidential Election.

May 12, 1866


There is no doubt of the amendment's passage at this point, and Radicals are doing everything in their power to oppose Johnson. Only nineteen states will be needed for passage of the amendment.


The constitutional amendment, having passed the House by a two-thirds vote, is now ready for the Senate, where there is no doubt of its being adopted. The Radicals hope that the president will give way under this test of power. His friends assert that he will not, but that he will stand firm in his resistance to sectional encroachments. The friends of the Reconstruction Committee are jubilant tonight. A new principle of the Radical platform has been indicated. It is that, in accordance with Steven's assertion, nineteen States only are required to adopt any constitutional amendment tending to reconstructing the Union. To this the President has repeatedly urged his objections, declaring that on so important a measure as changing the organic law all the States should have an opportunity of expressing their views.
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