November 24, 1869


There is very little in the way of the restoration of Virginia. A committee of Conservative members of Legislature have left to D.C. to request readmission.


Forney's Chronicle of yesterdays says: "A committee of Conservative members of the Legislature of Virginia has been appointed "to visit Washington and to urge upon Congress the readmission of the State" So far as we know and have heard, the gentleman of the committee are men of high characters. There is very little in the way of the restoration of Virginia, and that little they can remove. Let them pledge themselves to Congress not to tear down the new Republican Constitution which prevailed by so vast a majority in which prevailed by so vast a majority in the July election. Governor Walker has repeatedly proclaimed his fidelity to the Administration is known to look earnestly to the preservation of the new Constitution. The members of the committee should seek an early occasion to dissipate the general apprehension that the moment Virginia is restored her. Pro-rebel politicians intend to follow the example of Maryland under Swam, and to proceed to the demolition of the new Constitution. Satisfy Congress that this great crime is not in contemplation, and the road to readmission will, in our opinion, be made easy. Here is neither a new nor a hard condition, but an assurance in exact harmony with the very last popular vote, and with the declarations of many of the Walker newspapers and leaders. And of these we need no better representatives than gentleman like J. B. Crenshaw, R. L. Owen, Speaker Turner, and other members of the Conservative committee." The people of Virginia have no idea of attempting to deprive the negroes of the rights and privileges which they will have under the new Constitution. Of this Mr. Forney may be assured; and as the negross are the only objects of his solicitude, he can make himself easy. We repeat what we have said again and again, that neither Mr. Forney nor any other such impudent intermeddler can prevent the restoration of Virginia.
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