The Radical Convention

November 26, 1869


The Dispatch recaps some of the chaos going on at the Rdical Convention, including a shot at Grant.


The report of Mr. Downey is beneath criticism, whilst that of Mr. Dutrow (backed, too, by the State Journal) is better than we had expected from any man in Virginia not ashamed to call himself a Radical. The former carries the antidote to its poison in its very verbiage. The inferential attack upon the Attorney-General: the imputation of ignorance to General Grant and his Cabinet; the terrible slander of General Canby in the assertion that the July election was carried by violence and fraud ; the silly charge that the Walker party are in favor of repudiation, made in the face of the fact that this and other journals of that party have again and again bitterly denounced repudiation : and the twaddle about what the Legislature did and did not--all these features of his report prove that Mr. Downey is a greenhorn in the business of leading a party, and is more likely to bring himself and his followers into contempt than to prevent the restoration of Virginia to representation in Congress.
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