Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad.

November 29, 1869



It will be seen by reference to the report of the proceedings of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Company that the contract recently concluded in New York by the committee of the company with Messrs. Huntingdon and others was on Saturday night at a late hour approved, and is therefore concluded. The company was reorganized, as will further be seen. This event is one of great importance to this State, and particularly to this city. From the assurances given, we are led to believe, that the great work will be prosecuted with energy and completed at an early day. Nothing less couid justify the very large sacrifice made by the company to secure the influence and services of the prominent capitalists who have entered into this contract. With the general Knowledge that prevails with reference to the wealth and enterprise of these capitalists, should they fail to do this the disappointment will be very great, and we can hardly imagine it possible that they would bring upon themselves the discredit of failure in a matter of such moment, and in an enterprise in which their personal advantages are to be told by millions. Therefore we look upon the event, under all circumstances, as one fraught with the brightest prospects to the State, and hail it with satisfaction.
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