The Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad

December 2, 1869


The Dispatch draws from other papers concerninig the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad, other papers are familiar with the capitalist who have acquired the road. It is projected to be completed in two years.


The Washington Chronicle and New York Times both seem to be well posted on the purposes of the company of capitalists who now have the control of the Chesapeake and Ohio railroad. The Times states that the work of extension will be begun next month, and the Chronicle says the road will be finished to the Ohio in two years, which will be about the time of the great International Fair to be held at Washington city, and that paper expects passengers from the West coming to the Fair to make the journey by the Chesapeake and Ohio road. The Chronicle anticipates advantages for Washington in the construction of this great work, and, describing its easy grades, declares very truly that it has many advantages over the Baltimore and Ohio railroad in the matters of transportation and general working of the line. It is, indeed, superior to any of the routes between the Atlantic seaboard and the Mississippi. The Alleghany mountains are crossed at a grade of only twenty-nine feet to the mile coming east, and about forty-five going west. The Baltimore and Ohio railroad ascends the Alleghany at a grade of one hundred and sixteen feet per mile for eighteen miles.
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