Georgia - Virginia

December 22, 1869


Georgia has been readmitted but still labors under disabilities because the State didn't submit to Reconstruction. This instance prolongs Virginia's readmission. The state is fearful of remaining under disabilities after readmission but believes they have earned goodwill with the Union.


Georgia comes out as we expected. She has pains and penalties enough now. For her own sake it would have been better had she acted otherwise. It would have been better for us--nay, for the Union. It would have been a cause for general rejoicing had a bill admitting Virginia passed instead of this Georgia bill. Had Georgia conformed to the reconstruction laws she would have escaped this bitter cup. The lesson is one that should not be lost by the Impulsive Bourbons of Virginia. They would have resisted and voted things down. Would that have helped them? Look at Alabama: look at Georgia. Congress has plainly informed the southern States that if they don't conform they will be made to conform. The good sense of Virginia triumphed, and the prospect is that her representatives will be admitted by an overwhelming majority. There has been some anxiety here concerning Whittemore's bill--a fear that not only will an iron-clad oath be required of us, as with Georgia, but that those persons will be reseated who received the next highest votes at the polls to those who are unseated by not being able to take that oath. This last would be, as the Journal says, precisely what Congress censures Georgia for doing, and that body will hardly visit Virginia with a provision which it has thus denounced. We have not the slightest idea that Congress will impose any such terms upon Virginia. Had Georgia not turned out the negroes elected to the Legislature there would not now be any complaint against her. Virginia has been guilty of no such folly, and unless it be deemed just to impose penalties upon her for the non-conformity of Georgia, she cannot now be alflictcd with humiliating restrictions, Georgia has delayed her; but Virginia will not be placed upon the platform with Georgia. A little more patience and the State will be admitted. Congress adjourns to-day. probably to the 10th January. As there is hardly, a possibility of her admission to-day, we must be content to go over as we are to the middle of January. The move made by Mr. Farxsworth on Monday was unfortunate. The large vote against it was not against Virginia, but against acting on her case while there we matter before the Reconstruction Committee which the House had not seen, and when that committee had made no report.
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