January 3, 1870


Reconstruction is a scheme that is meant to destroy the South. The majority of Virginians do not favor the proposed Virginia Constitution.


The scheme, redolent of the loaves and fishes, for reconstructing Virginia, which was credited to the moderate Republicans a few days ago, is repudiated by the State Journal on their behalf. We quote: "So far as the State Central Committee of the Republican party is concerned, there is no truth in the statement. The committee has had no meeting on the subject, framed or endorsed no bill at all, and made no recommendation to Congress. The position of that committee has been to ask the prompt admission of the State; to leave the terms of admission to the wisdom of Congress; and to accept and support the legislation of Congress, whatever it may be. "We believe it is true that a somewhat prominent secessionist of Petersburg has drawn some such bill as is indicated in the telegraphic paragraph above; that he has submitted it to several prominent Republicans in this city who have approved it and forwarded it to General Butler; but it is not true that the State Central Republican Committee alluded to has had anything to do with such a bill; and we think we hazard nothing in saying that we do not believe they will have anything to do with it. "In making this denial, which we do with the hand of one of the committee, we do not mean to intimate any objection to the project. That must stand or fall upon its own merits, in detail and as a whole, of which we and the committee are as yet ignorant." The scheme alluded to was the one for electing judges, &c., before asking admission.
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