The Fight Between the President and the Radicals Going On

May 15, 1866


No talk of truce between Radical Republicans and President Johnson as Radical Congress members maintain persistence to oppose his every act.


LETTER FROM WASHINGTON. Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch. THE FIGHT BETWEEN THE PRESIDENT AND RADICALS GOING ON- SENATOR DOOLITTLE'S POSITION- THE FREEDMEN'S BUREAU COME TO GRIEF- GENERAL SICKLES- POST-OFFICE APPOINTMENTS, ETC. Washington, May 13. The Radicals have had a new vigor infused into them by the solid adoption of their pet plan of reconstruction and by the persistent determination of their leaders in Congress to hamper the President in every possible way. There is now no talk about reconciliation. Even those who held firmly to such future consummation have given up the idea, and the game now is by combined legislation to make the Executive yield, which some predict he will do. That they reckon without sense is very plain to be seen, as no act of the President has given evidence of the slightest intention that way.
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