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May 16, 1866


A conference held by the Reconstruction Committee decides that efforts will be made to strike out the third section of the amendment which disenfranchises all rebels for four years. In its place, a clause will be inserted that will deprive all former rebel officers from holding office again.


Washington Items. THE "PLAN" IN THE SENATE- AN EFFORT TO BE MADE TO STRIKE OUT THE DISFRANCHISEMENT SECTION. There was a general conference yesterday of the members of the Reconstruction Committee relative to the course to be pursued on the constitutional amendment, which comes up in the Senate to-morrow. The result seems to be that a determined effort will be made to strike out the third section, which disfranchises all rebels from voting for the next four years. In its place it is proposed to insert a clause depriving all officers of the Rebel Government from ever holding an office under this Government. In this it will necessarily go to the House for concurrence. It will, it is now believed, command a two-thirds vote in that body. - Correspondence of New York Times
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