Underwood in Washington-He is Complimented by Butler-His Opinion of Ex-Governor Wise.

April 4, 1870


Underwood is praised by the Republicans for his decision to keep Chahoon in office.


That legal Charlatan, Underwood, was here to-day endeavoring "to elicit the applause of the Administration and members of the Radical party for his unseemly and unwarrantable assumption of jurisdiction in the Chahoon-Ellyson case. He was patted on the back by the extremists and destructionists only. The sound lawyers and the reflecting men of the Republican party disapprove of Underwood's course and his decision. It is maintained by this class of men that Underwood nor any Federal judge has jurisdiction of the matter, and that it is purely a State or municipal controversy, over which State authorities have jurisdiction. He visited Butler and Senator Sumner, and was complimented by them upon his recent decision in the case of Chahoon against Ellyson, as to the right of the former to continue as Mayor of Richmond. Underwood says the enabling act is simply a fraud, and was intended to deceive. He says if the act had not been set aside the registration for an election to fill the vacancies occurring next summer would not have been ordered, and the appointees of Governor Walker would have held over. He is of the opinion that Legislature will now provide for a proper registration law. He is enthusiastic over Governor Wise, and declares him the ablest man in Virginia. He says Wise will be the nominee of the Republican party from the Richmond district; that the colored men are warm in praises of him; that the German and a good portion of the Irish votes are with Wise; and that the latter has declared himself a Republican and friend of the present Administration. Judge Underwood will remain in this city about two weeks.
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