The Mayoralty.

April 5, 1870


Ellyson wants to prove that the attempts by the United States to depose him are unconstitutional.


To prevent the misrepresentations of the Chahoonites from being credited anywhere outside of this city, where they are known to be false, we again state that Mr. Ellyson has no idea of using force to resist the officers of the United States if they desire to arrest him. On the contrary, it is his wish to be arrested and put in jail that he may thus be afforded the opportunity of bringing before Chief Justice Chase, of the Supreme Court of the United States, the wicked, malevolent, illegal, unconstitutional conduct of Underwood, for which that judge ought to be impeached and turned out of office. We have published both the bill and answer in the case, and also all the facts. We would as lief submit the case to a northern as to a southern lawyer.
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“The Mayoralty.,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed May 20, 2022,