Congressional Proceedings.

May 19, 1866


Sumner requests that the second clause of the amendment be stricken out and substituted with a clause requiring a Congressman from the South be chosen by half of loyal men in his district before being permitted back into the House of Representatives.


TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Congressional Proceedings. Washington, May 18.- Senate. - Mr. Sumner presented the petition of colored citizens asking that the second clause of the pending constitutional amendment be stricken out, and one substituted for it declaring that no Congressman from the south he allowed to sit in the House of Representatives who is not chosen by at least half of the loyal men of his district, without regard to color. Ordered to be printed, lie also presented a petition for the trial of Jefferson Davis by a court-martial, and remarked in connection: "In presenting this petition I express no opinion on it: but now that the subject is before us, I will add, that the trial of Jefferson Davis at the present time by a jury at Richmond will be one of those great comedies which hereafter will excite the derision of the world.
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