Letter from Washington.

May 21, 1866


Congress is all talk and no action with opposition to Administration. Meanwhile, Johnson is behind the scenes, making sure everything he desires to be accomplished is executed.


LETTER FROM WASHINGTON. Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch. THE FREEDMEN'S BUREAU AGENTS- THE PETITIONS FOR THE TRIAL OF MR. DAVIS BY COURT- MARTIAL- THE SATURDAY RECONSTRUCTIONISTS- THE WAR OF POLITICSNATIONAL BANKS. Congress is making a great deal of noise in conducting its opposition to the Administration policy, and have not succeeded in accomplishing much; whilst the President very quietly is pursuing his course and assuredly doing nearly all that he attempts. This is what occasions so much bluster on the part of the Radicals. They are determined to fight the President, but find it an up-hill road. The friends of both parties are assiduously engaged in the promulgation of campaign documents, etc., to set things before the people; and there is every appearance now of a general political warfare.
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“Letter from Washington.,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed May 28, 2023, https://reconstructingvirginia.richmond.edu/items/show/166.